A little about us

We specialise in hand picked, high quality & timeless European unisex vintage clothing made from 100% natural dyes & fabrics including linen, silk, cotton, denim & a range of herringbone woven, indigo dyed French workwear & vintage Army pieces that have been meticulously handpicked from around the globe & brought to the shores of Byron Bay. As avid collectors, we are particularly drawn to classic unisex workwear, nautical & military pieces, especially from the 20's to 60's, that transcend time, trends & fads with their timeless, adaptable & unisex appeal & simplicity. These pieces were handmade with care & precision with comfort & functionality in mind (& they just happen to be super aesthetically pleasing). Come visit our boutique (a collector's haven) or peruse the treasures we have added to our online store which can be shipped to wherever you may reside.

Our greatest muse & love here at Ghostwood is Mother Nature & so, of course, we have a strong ethic when it comes to protecting the environment & preserving the best of the past for a more sustainable future. We adopt a 100% sustainable & ethical approach to all that we do. 

Our environment is under enormous threat & it is our hope to help inspire others to reject the current models of our throw away society, littered with fast fashion, instant gratification & greed at the cost of the Earth. When people notice the incredible craftsmanship & care applied to the original vintage pieces collected that date back as far as the 1920's & see how they have not only lasted the test of time, but have only got more beautiful & interesting with age, they can't help but reflect on the madness of our current approach with mass-produced items made in China. Today, trillions of items are produced daily in factories by under paid workers, using cheap fabrics laced with chemicals & toxic dyes that end up in precious waterways (& absorbed into our bodies through our skin when worn), purposefully manufactured to fall apart quickly so that we throw it away fast, contributing to landfill. We are then prompted to go out & buy more, over & over again to "service the economy", all for $ & greed. Alas, money won't mean anything if we continue destroying our planet & the natural resources we, & all life forms depend on that used to be provided freely. Our world simply cannot survive this way, & so, we must take a leaf out of our ancestors books & make things to last & learn to live symbiotically & harmoniously with nature again. After all, we are indeed a part of nature, not above it.  It is up to us to support more sustainable practices that support nature & stop enabling the crooks that enslave us all. We CAN make a difference as individuals with every choice we make on a daily basis... If everyone made even small, simple, conscious changes in their choices, collectively, we CAN change the world for the better. We think choosing to re-use & recycle, sourcing vintage, supporting ethical & sustainable businesses only, & saying no to plastic are good places to start...